Intellectual Property India 1st Patent - DePenning & DePenning

History of DePenning & DePenning

 A hundred and fifty two year old track record of safeguarding IPR

DePenning & DePenning and Intellectual Property law in India share a parallel history.

The foundation of Intellectual Property Rights in India can actually be traced back to 28 February 1856, when the first legislation was introduced to grant what was then termed as “exclusive privileges for the encouragement of inventions of new manufactures”.

On 3 March 1856, a civil engineer and inventor named George Alfred DePenning, of Calcutta, India, filed a petition for grant of exclusive privileges under this Act for his invention, which he called “An Efficient Punkah-Pulling Machine”. This petition was the first to be filed under this Act, and was officially numbered as No.1 of 1856. He later went on to secure Patents No. 2, 4, and numerous others during his long and productive life.

George DePenning’s personal experience in filing these petitions made him aware of the struggles of other inventors like him, with the process involved in patenting new inventions. He therefore decided to offer them his services. And so, the firm DePenning & DePenning was founded in 1856.

More than 150 years on, the firm remains true to its ideals of protecting new ideas and their creators, always with a member of the DePenning family at its helm. Founded in Calcutta, the firm relocated its headquarters to Chennai in 1987, and currently has branches in Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi.

DePenning & DePenning bears the distinction of not only being the oldest IP firm in India, but also the only one that has been continuously in practice for such a long period of time. In size and experience, it ranks right on top today, servicing clients the world over, thanks to a business philosophy based on a judicious combination of a strong local presence and strategic connections at the regional and global level.